UniqueBot is a fun discord bot

UniqueBot is a Discord bot looking to bring great new features to your Discord server!

UniqueBot UniqueBot

Features we offer

Easy to Use

Very easy to use the bot on your server just do !help for a list of commands!

Responsive Time

The bot is very Responsive to commands!

Bot's Uptime

Bot has 99.95% Uptime!
Uptime Page

Our Bot Commands

!flip -- (do !flip @then the user)
!bank -- (will show a list of commands)
!reset -- (Admin ONLY)
!set -- (Admin ONLY)
Autorole Commands
!setrole -- (@role)
!togglerole -- (toggle on / off autorole)

Join&Leave Commands
!welcome channel -- (Sets the welcome channel settings.)
!welcome disable -- (Disables the welcome Message.)
!welcome examples -- (Shows some examples Join & Leave Stuff.)
!welcome joinmessage -- (Sets welcome joinmessage setting.)
!welcome status -- (Shows the servers settings.)
!welcome togglejoin -- (Toggles the join message.)

Poll Commands
!poll -- (poll question option1 option2 time=60 'e.g !poll Hows your day good bad time=120')
!poll stop -- (Admin Only)

Invite the bot to your discord server